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Clinical and Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Where can I find the best massage in Belfast?

Massage has a profound positive effect on your health and speeds up recovery and reduces stress.

In our Clinic we offer an excellent range of various massage services that aim to reduce muscle tension and improve your well-being.


Why chose our Massage Therapy?

Our best Massage Therapists in Belfast are trained by UK Registered Clinicians  and also work under supervision of Senior Specialist Physiotherapist.

It means that the massage you receive targets all the muscle structures which need attention.

Our specialists have minimum 20 years clinical experience and are trained worldwide in various massage techniques.

Please read about our massage clinicians in our “Team” section.

Your first massage appointment.

Our top clinicians will perform an extensive assessment to ensure the right structures are targeted.

Please remember to bring appropriate clothing – shorts and comfortable T-shirt, when visiting our clinic.


Our best Massage Therapists in Belfast successfully treat the following conditions with therapeutic massage techniques:

  • Muscle tension

  • Shortening of the muscles

  • Stiffness

  • Postural abnormalities

  • Post sport recovery

  • Therapeutic massage is also used in for various neurological and paediatric conditions.


“This was the best massage in Belfast I ever had. The therapist was very knowledgeable. I feel like 20 again. So much easier to run and play football after this excellent treatment”.

John Rea, Bangor

Massage Therapy in Belfast


We offer professional therapeutic massage treatment in Northern Ireland.

Our therapists work under supervision  of registered Physiotherapists.

Our clinicians use different therapeutic techniques to promote relaxation and well-being.

Depp tissue massage and sport massage can also reduce pain and boost circulation.


Swedish massage is also a popular option among footballers and stressed clients.

Massage is also very helpful among patients who suffer from chronic pain.


“Best massage in Belfast. I received physiotherapy treatment, massage and acupuncture and after that 3 additional massage treatment. There is no pain in my lower back. Thank you very much Margaret”.


Anthony Cusick, Belfast


Please ring Specialist Physiotherapy Service and ask for massage treatment options.

Massage Treatment in Belfast

We have been asked on many occasions what it means therapeutic massage or “best massage treatment in Belfast”.

There is no single answer on that questions as there are various elements in relation to massage therapy which would need to be taken into consideration.

  1. Massage therapists

The clinicians who provide massage would need to be very well qualified and experienced.

In our physiotherapy clinic in Belfast we only work with the best massage therapists who have min. 8 year of clinical experience and superb references.




2. Supervision

In our physiotherapy clinic in Belfast we offer professional massage and our therapists work under supervision of registered senior physiotherapists.

It means that the massage treatment targets all the anatomical structures which require therapy.


3. Various treatment options and techniques

In our Belfast Physiotherapy Clinic we offer:

  • Sport massage

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Therapeutic Massage

Please ring our team of qualified clinicians for a confidential advice and consultation.

Do you also offer sport massage in your Belfast Physiotherapy Clinic?

Yes, our clinicians are trained and experienced in sport massage.

Sport massage is an excellent way to reduce pain and restore function.

If you are exercising regularly , you may benefit from sport massage. Belfast Physiotherapy Clinic offers not only professional sport massage but also expert physiotherapy advice after each session how to maintain the effects of sport massage therapy.

"Best sport massage in Belfast. Great way to boost your confidence and reduce pain after Belfast Marathon. Highly recommended.

Anthony Devlin

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