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What is physiotherapy?​​

Physiotherapy in Belfast (Northern Ireland) aims to help people affected by injury or disability through movement therapy, manual techniques, education, advice and therapeutic massage.

Physiotherapy treatment can be used in many core areas to aid well-being. These area are:

  • Sport Medicine

  • Cardio-respiratory

  • Neurology  


Why chose our physiotherapy service?

We pride ourselves on providing more than the ordinary assessment and standardised physiotherapy treatment.

Belfast (Northern Ireland) Physiotherapy Services have some of the best orthopaedic and paediatric doctors.

We also have experienced therapists from around the world, who specialise in back pain, sports injuries and various neurological and paediatric conditions.

We are the leading specialists based in London and Belfast providing cutting edge treatment.

We have obtained great results. We have also invested in equipment, for example Cryotherapy and Bioptron.

Moreover, many patients have benefited from our innovative holistic approach not only to eliminate pain but also to prevent further problems occurring.

We are the first clinics in the UK to be able to provide PRP injections for our client. Please read more about these excellent treatments.


Your First Physiotherapy Treatment in Physiotherapy Belfast (Northern Ireland) Clinic.

Our experienced team of Physiotherapists are dedicated to provide Golden Standard professional treatment and assessment.

Belfast (Northern Ireland) Physiotherapy Clinics use innovative Holistic Physiotherapy Assessment in order to determine your particular needs to find the source of your specific injury.

If you have any medical documents please take them with you as they will help with the assessment procedure.

Our experienced specialists will also discuss with you various treatment options.

You will be able to discuss in detail your particular problems and concerns relating to your health.

Please also bring appropriate clothing – leggings, shorts etc.

We successfully treat the following conditions:

  • Shoulder problems (e.g.: Frozen shoulder)

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain (e.g.: Whiplash)

  • Hip problems

  • Elbow pain (e.g.: Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow)

  • Sport Injuries

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Paediatric Conditions

  • Neurological Conditions (Post stroke Rehab, Parkinson’s Disease)

  • Cardio - Respiratory (COPD)



The knowledge of my physiotherapist was excellent. In the past nobody could really explain the reason of my back pain. The hands on treatment was very successful and after 4 sessions the pain had significantly eased. I also received exercises and advice about lifestyle changes. Its 4 months now since the last sessions and I feel great. Best physiotherapy service in Belfast. Highly recommended.


Lisa Devlin, Lisburn

If you suffer from pain or injury and need quality physiotherapy in Belfast, our clinical team have extensive experience and professional expertise to assist with your recovery.

We work together with other experienced doctors, consultants and experts in Neurology, MSK, Sport and Paediatrics.



In our physiotherapy clinic in Belfast we go “the extra mile”  - we don’t just treat your existing pain. Our registered clinicians will assess and provide comprehensive programme to prevent re-occurrence and reduce pain as fast as possible.

Specialist Physiotherapy Services Belfast has over 16 years experience providing advanced physiotherapy treatments from our Belfast clinic.


Back Pain? Neck Pain? Muscle Pain? Joint Pain? Or any Sports Injuries?

We can help.


Physiotherapy Belfast Branch or Home Visits

Please ring for a free consultation and confidential advice.


We are experts in back pain, sports injuries, knee and shoulder pain, as well as paediatric physiotherapy in Belfast.

Our Belfast Physiotherapists have specialist post-graduate qualifications and advanced training in MSK, Paediatrics and Neurology.


Our physiotherapy service in Belfast is unique and innovative. It means that we use top class equipment like Cryotherapy and Bioptron light treatment.

Our Massage Therapists and Chiropractors also work as an excellent team as it helps to provide optimal treatment programme for our clients.


Physiotherapy can help with the following conditions:

  • Sports injuries

  • Muscular problems

  • Post operation rehab

  • Repetitive Strain Injuries

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Shoulder pain

We also offer comprehensive treatment based on latest research.

Treatments provided in our Belfast physiotherapy clinic can include:

  • Manual therapy

  • Mobilisation & manipulation of joints

  • Taping

  • Dry needling & acupuncture

  • Exercise prescription

  • Clinical massage

Soft Tissue Therapy (Clinical massage) is very popular among our patient. Therapeutic massage is a successful  treatment for tension and various injuries.

Clinical massage provided by our experienced massage therapists in Belfast is often used in conjunction with other treatments in our Belfast Physiotherapy Clinic.

Massage can help to:

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Reduce stress level

  • Increase  performance rate

  • Alleviate swelling and prevent further injuries

  • Reduce tension in various muscle groups

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