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Professional Home Visit Physiotherapy Northern Ireland

Sometimes leaving home can be stressful if a patient is unable to attend a clinical session at one of our clinics in Belfast.

Our Belfast Home Visit Physiotherapy Services can be also arranged as a home visits.

Our well trained clinicians can visit you at home or the workplace to offer expert advice and advanced treatment.

In some cases the client would gain greater benefit from a physiotherapy assessment in their own home  environment, for example clients with neurological conditions.

All our clinicians are highly experienced and are usually able to give an immediate professional diagnosis and offer appropriate treatment.

Many of our clients in Northern Ireland would require additional physiotherapy home visits as  the NHS can only provide a limited number of sessions. We can provide extra sessions that are required for patient’s recovery.


We also cooperate with top class companies who can provide advanced equipment like chair raises, stair lift and other mobility adaptation to enable our clients to stay  safe at home.

Home visits physiotherapy in Belfast is certainly growing and many patients benefit from this professional service.

Please ring us for a free and confidential consultation.

Obtaining right care and professional physiotherapy services can be challenging.

We feel that best physiotherapy service in Belfast can make a difference and hugely impact well-being of clients who suffer from injuries and pain.

Sometime physiotherapy clients would need to fit in with busy lifestyles and activities of clients living in Belfast and surrounding areas.

We offer competitive pricing policy and top professionals who treat a wide range of conditions

Our clinicians will work with the clients to get them back to the excellent function with professional guidance and innovative physiotherapy treatment.

No more travel, no more wait, only professional physiotherapy treatment in Belfast and surrounding areas.

Physiotherapy home visits or physio home visits in Northern Ireland offer our clients and excellent way to obtain professional treatment in the comfort of their home.

Physio home visits are very popular in Belfast and surrounding areas.

It is stressful sometimes for many patients to travel to the clinic, park the car and walk for an appointment. If the patient suffers from pain or discomfort it might be really stressful to reach the clinic on time.

Moreover, if the patient suffers from pain on assessment, it might be challenging to complete all the components of the physiotherapy  treatment.

Monroe Medical works hard to answer this growing need in Northern Ireland for physio home visits.

Private physiotherapy home visits or NHS?

We have many client who ring and ask for physio home visits in Belfast.

The NHS can provide up to 6 home visits. However, many clients who suffer from long term conditions would require a regular physiotherapy input.

Monroe Medical can offer private physio home visits in Belfast.

Many patients would also need an intense physiotherapy, especially after a hospital discharge or a fall. We can offer an appointment within 24 hours.

We feel that there is a need for Physio Home Visits in Belfast. Many patients also need to wait for the referral and physio appointment for many months.

It is crucial to start physio treatment as soon as possible in order to restore movements and prevent further injuries.


Physio Home Visits cost


The cost in relation to physiotherapy treatment in home settings would depend on the location.

Please ring Monroe Medical to find out more about our fees.

We can also offer physio home visits in a nursing home.

 Belfast Home Visits– New trends


Home visit physiotherapy is a new service offered by physiotherapists in Northern Ireland.

Many patients who cannot attend a clinical visit, prefer to see physiotherapists in home settings.

Also the patients whose mobility is restricted would also benefit from a home physiotherapy in Belfast.

The feedback we receive in relation to home visits is extremely positive.

Patients feel more relaxed and “at ease” at home.

Often a family member is present when physiotherapists provide home visit.

Also, if a patient suffers from pain or discomfort, at least these symptoms are not aggravated by long driving to the clinic.

Sometimes elderly patients would need to ask a family member to offer them a lift and drive them to a clinical appointment. That is not always easy and convenient for a patient.


Home physiotherapy has also many additional benefits. The patient does not lose time on buses or driving.

Also, a patient can demonstrate which movement can cause him/her a discomfort (transfers, going up the stairs or walking).


Belfast Home Physio has also much more to offer. The visits can be also combined.

It means that physiotherapists who offer home visits can ask an occupational physiotherapist or a medical doctor to join  them in order to offer complex medical service.

The patient would not need to drive to two or three appointments to a hospital or clinic.

Healthcare professionals would come directly to the patient.



Visiting physiotherapists in Belfast are well trained and experienced in home visits.

They know what is crucial for the patients who remain home and would need to improve mobility in order to promote independence and well-being.

Home visit physio in Northern Ireland is an excellent way to offer a professional service in the comfort of your home.

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Not covered by any of these plans? Contact us and we will find the best solution to suit you.  

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