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Leading Physiotherapy Services World-Class Treatment Options‎

Belfast and Home Visits: We offer outstanding Physiotherapy services across our specialist clinics in Belfast and London. We focus on providing advanced assessment and specialist treatment for Sport, Injuries, Neurological and Paediatric Conditions. We also provide Home Visits for clients who cannot easily travel to our Clinics.


We provide professional ongoing assistance beyond the ordinary assessment and treatment. Our team consists of world-class trained orthopedic doctors, experienced physiotherapists, and highly trained massage therapists. We use high tech innovative equipment, for example, Bioptron Lamp and cryotherapy.


We are also the only  clinic based in the UK which also provides innovative  paediatric postural assessment and Hyaluronic acid and PRP joint injections – please read below about this specialist treatment.


Our primary focus and aim is not only to alleviate pain and discomfort but also ensure that the source of medical problems is eliminated. Our clinicians use a combination of traditional and innovative treatment methods such as therapeutic massage, myofascial release, and manual techniques, acupuncture, exercises and cryotherapy to provide the client with the best possible treatment – for further information please see section Services.

We use an innovative Holistic Assessment with world-class treatment programmes and protocols.  Each treatment is tailored to clients’  needs and requirements. Our experienced specialists also provide advice on posture, ergonomics, and lifestyle modifications, self-help strategies to prevent and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Sports Injuries – how common are they?

Muscle strains and tears such as hamstring and calf are very common among patient who exercise regularly. Many professional athletes may also suffer from ligament sprains such as knee or ankle. Clients who take part in various activities and lift weights can also experience tendon problems such as rotator cuff. We offer professional sports injuries treatment in Belfast Physiotherapy Clinic.


What are the best sport injuries treatments for ankle sprain? I have problems with my ankle very often.

If you experience ankle problems regularly, a detailed assessment is needed. Sport injuries treatment offered in our Belfast clinic does not only reduce pain (ice, acupuncture) but also provides a comprehensive rehab programme which will prevent further injuries. What would you offer for muscle pain/ache? Could you recommend best massage therapist in Belfast. We believe that we employ and work together with best massage therapists in Belfast and best clinicians in the field of sport injuries. We also feel that not only a top-class physiotherapy treatment should be provided for each patient but also rehab and exercise programme which would focus on prevention and strengthening of affected anatomical structures.


“Margaret is the most professional and best massage therapist in Belfast. She know exactly what my back needs. Thank you”

Elaine McDowell


Why is massage so important in sports injuries treatment?

Sports massage is involves a gentle manipulation of soft tissue. It can reduce pain, improve circulation and provide a profound relaxation effect. If you are looking for best massage therapists in Belfast, we recommend to check if the clinician has obtained professional training and has relevant experience. In our clinic we offer advanced sport injuries therapy in Belfast. Our clinicians are registered with HCPC and have specialist postgraduate training in sport management, sport injury treatment, back pain and knee pain. Please ring us if any additional information is required.


Best Massage Therapists in Belfast Physiotherapy Clinic= Pain reduction and excellent relaxation.

If you are suffering from sport injury or muscle pain, our senior specialist physiotherapists would offer expert advice and specialist treatment for pain, stress and injury. Sports massage treatment is not just for professional athletes Whether you work in the office or you are involved in household duties, a deep tissue massage would not only act as a pain relive but also relax and improve circulation which is important if you suffer from sport injuries or chronic back pain.

Does every physiotherapy treatment include massage therapy?

The answer is no.

If you suffer from muscular pain or a muscle strain or tear, a massage in Belfast Clinic would be highly recommended.

However, if you would require a postural exercises or manual therapy to align your spine, a massage would not be needed.

However, a qualified and registered physiotherapist would always advise in relation to an appropriate treatment approach.

“Best massage in Belfast and best physiotherapy in Belfast received from Specialist Physiotherapy Service.

I was struggling with lower back pain since 1017.

I went to few physios in Belfast and they provided good treatment but no massage. This slightly helped my pain but my back was still tense.

I also went to 2 massage therapists in Belfast  - they were also reasonable but I missed the physio part, exercises and mobilisations.

Here in Belfast Physiotherapy Clinic I received an excellent combination of both – professional massage and advanced physiotherapy. Thank you.”

 Erick Lynch, Lisburn




Should massage therapy be provided for each injury? Massage  helped me to distress last time and reduced pain in my lower back.


Even the best massage in Belfast would not help with the conditions which are caused by arthritis or postural abnormalities.

Some conditions would require the use of manual therapy, acupuncture and prescription of therapeutic exercises.




What kind of massage in Belfast do you offer? What is the difference between therapeutic massage and sports massage?

Physiotherapy Clinic offers the following:


Sports Massage – this therapy focuses on helping the patients to  recover and enhance performance.



Deep tissue massage  - is a form of massage techniques that include the realignment of various  muscles and tissues.

Therapeutic Massage – this massage is provided by qualified physiotherapists and includes elements and components of physiotherapy and acupressure.


  Our experienced team of Physiotherapists are dedicated to provide Golden Standard professional treatment and assessment.

Therapeutic Massage

Our Massage Therapists are trained by UK Registered Clinicians and also work under supervision of Senior Specialist Physiotherapist.

Sport Injuries

We offer a bespoken sport injury rehab service for professional, and amateur athletes.

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