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143 Northumberland St, Belfast BT13 2JF

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About Us

About Us

 Professional  Physiotherapy Services

 World-Class Treatment Options‎

Belfast  and Home Visits

We offer outstanding Physiotherapy services across our specialist clinics in Belfast and London. We focus on providing advanced assessment and specialist treatment for Sport, Injuries, Neurological and Paediatric Conditions.

We also provide Home Visits for clients who cannot easily travel to our Clinics.





We provide professional ongoing assistance beyond the ordinary assessment and treatment.

Our team consists of world class trained orthopaedic doctors, experienced physiotherapists and highly  trained massage therapists.




We use high tech innovative equipment for example Bioptron Lamp and  cryotherapy.





We are also the only  clinic based in the UK which also provides innovative  paediatric postural assessment and Hyaluronic acid and PRP joint injections – please read below about this specialist treatment.


Our primary focus and aim is not only to alleviate pain and discomfort but also ensure that the source of medical problems are  eliminated.

Our clinicians use a combination of traditional and innovative treatment methods such as: therapeutic massage, myofascial release and manual techniques, acupuncture, exercises and cryotherapy to provide the client  with the best possible treatment – for further information please see section Services.





We use an innovative Holistic Assessment with world class treatment programmes and protocols.  Each treatment is tailored to clients’  needs and requirements. Our experienced specialists also provide advice on posture, ergonomics, and life style modifications, self-help strategies to prevent and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Providing you with the best clinicians for the best treatment

Monica Milczarek


Consultant Physiotherapist

Extended Scope Practitioner

Margaret Wisniowska

Senior Massage Practitioner


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